Feeding your Malinois

Here at Malinworx we are great advocates of variety in our dogs diet.  We combine raw meaty bones and minced chicken frames with at times the addition of a premium dog biscuit. We also include raw eggs, sardines.

We are very pro the bones and raw food diet (BARF).  At times when we run out of our home made BARF mix we will use a premium biscuit.

Regular bones are important to keep your dogs teeth healthy.  The Dogs love chewing on a bone and it keeps them entertained.  Brisket bones and Lamb flaps are favourites.

We  use biscuits in our tracking training and prefer to use a premium biscuit that is not full of grains and fillers.  The reason we do this is we find ants less partial to a dry food than something like liver.

For training puppies we find liver great.  We buy ox liver and boil it up.  Once it is cooked we slice it into small portions and freeze it.

We highly recommend reading up on raw food diets and one of the pioneer books in this area is “Give Your Dog a Bone” by Ian BILLINGHURST. www.drianbillinghurst.com . www.barfaustralia.com

Another very interesting study was a study on cats.  The below link illustrates the effect diet had on the health of cats. This is a very interesting study that has certainly influenced us in the way we view diet and feed our dogs. http://themastercleanse.com/raw-food/pottengers-cats/