About Malinois

The Belgian Shepherd Malinois is not a well known breed in Australia. The breed is often mistaken for being a German Shepherd or a German Shepherd cross due to its similar appearance.

In Europe the Belgian Shepherd Malinois is very well known and features predominately as the breed of choice for most police and military services. The Working Line Belgian Shepherd Malinois is very different to its show line counterparts.

The show line Malinois are a lot softer and lack the strong working drives that make the working Malinois such a great working dog.  In the working dog trials in Europe the Malinois is by far the most successful breed with it rare to see many other working breeds breaking into the top ten at mixed breed competitions.

At Malinworx we only breed the working line Malinois which are generally a much hardier dog than the show line Malinois. The working line Malinois are generally a much more athletic looking dog with much higher levels of prey drive and active aggression. I think it would be fair to say many of the show line Malinois are a softer type of dog and most would certainly not cut it in a working environment.

The working line Malinois are the breed of choice for most Police services in Europe and are also the predominant breed used by the Royal Australian Airforce. The QLD Police service currently has one Malinois working as General Duties Police Dog with one having just recently retired.  I foresee this changing as the breed builds its reputation here in Australia.

The Malinois have taken over from the German Shepherd as the King of working dogs. The Malinois are a much more structurally sound breed of dog with congenital health problems such as hip abnormalities being less common.

Good working Malinois are extremely fast with an ability to work in high stress environments with a good clear head. It is only in the last few years that Australia has experienced the high quality Malinois that have forged such a good reputation in overseas countries.

Not all working Malinois are created equal so it is important to do your homework to ensure you are getting the type of dog that meets your needs.

It is sad to say that the German Shepherd is a breed that has deteriorated over the years to the point that a good working representative of the breed is rare.

The working Malinois are extremely intelligent and don’t respond well to compulsion based training. The Malinois have a very strong work ethic and love to work for rewards like food or toys.  They learn incredibly fast when trained with good consistent motivationally based methods.

Working Malinois are not a breed for the faint hearted or those that want a dog as backyard furniture.  If you don’t put the time into training them and keeping them active and part of your life they would be your worst nightmare.

I think it is fare to say that the Malinois are the Formula One breed of working dogs.

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